ElectriSound recieves requests to offer our proprietary tester as a stand-alone option

chris | 21 May, 2013 22:58

ElectriSound has recieved requests for a standalone verson of our metering and proprietary tester tool built into our distros:

ElectriSound DS24060 Front

My company Check4Sound recently rented one of your power distro units and I wanted to tell you what a wonderful unit it was. especially the metering for voltage and phasing.  Along those lines I was wondering if you produce just a metering panel that could go along with the [other] distro I already own and use?

I do the radio engineering for the Pirates at home games as one of my companies clients. 


ElectriSound is working with Check4Sound to come up with a custom offering to suit their needs. There are a few technical details to work out, but the concept can easily be adapted to any ditro with a main breaker. (A main breaker is required to disconnect the load while verifying the tester, because with load attached it can establish its own neutral point and give false indications of a correctly attached neutral.) All scenarios are tested for, including a lost neutral, and the tester itself does not establish it's own neutral or ground points.

So how about you? Would you use a standalone version of the proprietary tester if it was commercially available? Leave us a comment with your feedback.

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