Allen&Heath releases new firmware with enhanced features

chris | 10 January, 2013 23:40

Allen&Heath iLiveElectriSound has upgraded our rental iLive units to Firmware v1.9, one of the major new features is additional bands for the GEQ on faders (due to limited fader capacity not all bands were previously shown). The GEQ functionality also now includes multiple types of popular GEQ models.

Many other new enhancements including:

  • Dynamic EQ allowing 4-band dynamic EQ to the available effects
  • Multiband Compressor adding a 3 or 4-band compressor to available effects
    (Both can be inserted on an individual channel/group, or used as an effect)
  • Stereo Channel Image has revitalized the use of stereo channels allowing mid/side configurations along with width mixing. A previously seldom used feature of stereo inputs since the addition of ganging, now has an entire new use for many new theater and broadcast configurations where mid/side mixing is common
  • Delay Bypass switching has been added to all Input and Mix channels so delays can be toggled on/off without changing the setting
  • Extra User Permissions allow more granular assignment of permissions for multi-user environments such as installs and houses of worship
  • MixRack Boot Scene option added to allow fixed installations to automatically boot to a default scene upon startup
  • As well as many more options...

Please note that while there is no requirement that an authorized dealer perform the firmware upgrade, ElectriSound has experience in performing this task that may be useful. Customers have reported (however rare) that improperly performed firmware upgrades can render a console unusable. Please note that firmware V1.9 also requires an upgrade to all devices that remotely connect (MixPad, iLive Editor, etc) to be compatible, no V1.8 devices are compatible with V1.9 devices.Allen&Heath iLive V1.9 Firmware Includes Additional GEQ bands and types

Current ElectriSound customers under maintenance contracts qualify for free firmware upgrades - schedule yours today! If you are not an ElectriSound customer but would like to begin a maintenance contract with us, just send us an email.


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