JoeCo Dante Recorders - New Rental additions and Product Offerings

sarah | 01 July, 2012 21:43

As of July 2012, ElectriSound has added a JoeCo BBR64-Dante Recorder to rental stock. The JoeCo recorder can record up to 64 channel simultaneously in either 44.1kHz or 48kHz. The recorder can also record up to 8 channels of analogue (balanced line in) alongside 56 channels of Dante for capturing audience and ambience. Higher sample rate recording is available at a reduced track count.

JoeCo Recorder

The recorder will work on any Dante enabled device including Allen&Heath, Yamaha, and MIDAS to name a few. Dante runs over standard TCP/IP and can reduce the stress of trying to record over analog connections. Read reviews here...

ElectriSound has added JoeCo BBR64-Dante Units to our rental inventory to provide simple, multi-track recordings to even our largest of events. Concerts benefit from the ability to record and mix it down later for an excellent quality Live Recording. Additionally record theatrical performances and play it back to test complex programming of audio cues without needing to keep the performers around for hours. Whatever your multi-track recording needs, Dante enabled BBR recorders bring a new level of flexibility to recording.

ElectriSound is proud to be an authorized dealer for JoeCo. There are many additional JoeCo Black Box Recorder models available for integration into MADI, Lightpipe, and analog audio systems. ElectriSound provides competitive pricing on all JoeCo units and exceptional support to integrate the product into your installed or portable audio system. Please contact ElectriSound for more details on JoeCo sales or integration of JoeCo units. Rental units ship anywhere in the continental US for your rental convenience.

ElectriSound JoeCo BBR64-Dante units feature a 6RU shock mount rack complete with BBR64-Dante, 1TB Raid Mirror Glyph disk, 8 channel mic pre for local inputs, a UPS unit and a drawer for accessories. All interconnections for storage are retained on an input panel so users can supply their own hard drives or copy off the files from the included drive.

ElectriSound believes the future of digital audio is focused around the conversion to off-the-shelf TCP/IP networking equipment and Dante fits squarely into our philosophy. Many other industries have made the shift from purpose built hardware platforms to the mainstream computing market saving customers both cost and complexity.

Additionally Allen&Heath iLive series consoles fitted with the Dante option card (another ElectriSound rental staple) enable instantaneous switching from record to playback to enable virtual sound check on the fly.

Contact ElectriSound to setup your demo or rental of the JoeCo Recorder today. Daily rental rates start at $165 for analog BBR units, with deep discounts for longer rentals and bundles with a digital console. For BBR Dante pricing please contact us today!

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